Person 4: Emily

Full City Coffee House, Palermo Soho, 10 AM

I walk into the coffee shop right as they open, order a coffee, and sit down.

Shortly after that a girl walks in and orders a coffee. I know I have to ask her to make eye contact with me.

I ask her directly and she says "yes" with a tone of uncertainty and perhaps caution in her voice.

I explain the timer and the parameters of the experiment and she confirms that she'll do it.

When she asks me why we're doing this I tell her I'll tell her after.

After our eye contact I explain my motivations. I also make an effort to ask her about her experience. She says she was a bit uncomfortable, especially not knowing how much time was left. She kept thinking about the time. And she just woke up and hasn't had coffee yet so... Well, you know how it is.

She agrees to let me take her photo for the blog. Thanks, Emily!