End of Season 2

Season 2 is over! Here are the stats:

Days Elapsed: 30

Days Skipped: 11 (i.e. days on which I did not approach anyone)

Bonus Days: 0 (i.e. days on which I approached multiple people)

People Approached: 19

Day / Night Approaches: 9 / 10

Indoor / Outdoor Approaches: 17 / 2

I mostly approached people in coffee shops. Next was the climbing gym and bars. I also approached two people at home, one while riding a bus, and another at the office.

I was not rejected by anyone I approached.

Noticeably, there were many more days when I did not approach anyone. There were a variety of reasons for this. I got my tongue pierced near the end of Season 1, and while it was healing it was difficult to talk. I was self-conscious of the difference in my voice and that made it more challenging to approach people. I was sick for a few days and didn't make eye contact with anyone during that time. Also, the battery in the timer died and it took me a few days to replace it. Instead of approaching people without the timer, I simply stopped the practice. And for several days I just didn't do it. Either I was too busy or couldn't find the right person or the right setting or just didn't want to do it.

I'm taking a break from the eye contact experiment for a while and intend to pick it back up again in South America.