Upcoming Changes: Revisited

Here's a look at how the intentions set forth in the Upcoming Changes post have worked out:


I briefly experimented with composing the photos with the participant on the left side of the frame, but it feels awkward and unnatural, so I abandoned it. I still place the participant on the right side of the frame.



I don't say this is an experiment anymore.

Introduction / Pitch

This has changed a lot. I usually greet the person and get their attention with something like "hi" or "hey" or "excuse me" (sometimes I skip this altogether) and then go straight into "will you make eye contact with me for 60 seconds?" No more "I have an unusual request" or "I'm doing an experiment in which..." lead-ins. I like this new, succinct pitch. My experience shows that people are willing to do this even when it isn't explicitly framed as an experiment.

Name + Photo Ask

I haven't changed this ask, at least, I don't think I have. I've been having trouble remembering the conversations I have with people and can't recall if I have a usual way of asking this. Sometimes I think I say "[something|another thing] I ask participants is if I can use their first name and photograph on my blog where I write about this. [May|Can] I take your photo?" and sometimes I think I say "may I use your name and photograph on my blog where I write about this?" That request feels discontinuous to me. I still want a better segue but haven't given it much thought.


The new leave-behind cards have been working great!

A few changes in the next batch:

  1. Make the text larger so people with poorer eyesight can read it easier.
  2. Change the paper type so the cards more readily accept pen ink. (I can't write on the current batch.)
  3. Consider adding the http:// prefix to the URL to make it clear that it's a website. (Not sure this is an issue.)
  4. Consider adding my email to the card instead of just having it on the site.
  5. Consider changing to a full-sized business card instead of a mini card.